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Buying your first Home

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Buying a home can be overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers who might be unfamiliar with all of the detailed steps involved in the process. But investing time now to sort out your goals and devise a plan for how you’ll achieve them can make your house hunt smoother and less stressful.

Here are some areas your house hunting blueprint should cover.

Find a real estate professional

Purchasing a home, especially your first home, typically involves a lot of uncertainty. Having a real estate professional to guide you through the process is very comforting and may help you avoid costly home buying mistakes.

In addition to finding listings that meet your criteria, an agent will provide details about neighborhoods, traffic volume, schools, homeowners associations and other buying considerations. When it’s time to make an offer, a buyer’s agent will pull data on comparable sales to help you set the initial offering price, explain the advantages and disadvantages of different mortgage products, guide you through the mass of transaction-related paperwork and more.

The real estate agent’s fee is almost always paid by the seller out of the proceeds from the transaction. As the buyer, you can take advantage of the agent’s best advice while letting someone else foot the bill.

And remember, you aren’t obligated to use the first agent you come across. Hold out to find someone you’re confident will represent your best interests.

Get pre-approved for a mortgage

Many home sellers today prefer that prospective buyers be pre-approved for a mortgage before putting in an offer to buy a property. From the seller’s perspective, this lowers the risk of a deal falling through. As a buyer, obtaining a pre-approval before making an offer strengthens your hand in negotiating with the seller. Your real estate professional can offer referrals to local mortgage brokers. You can also find one through friends or online.

Remember, just as you’re not locked in to the first real estate agent you interview, neither are you obligated to finance the transaction through the lender who pre-approved you upfront. Shop around for the best loan and terms for you.

Identify the right home

Once you’ve been pre-approved by a lender and have selected a real estate agent to represent your interests, it’s time to find your ideal home. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? What about overall square footage and amenities? You’ll also need to decide whether you prefer a single-family home, duplex, condominium or town home. These and other considerations play into the type of neighborhood you’ll be living in once you find the perfect place to call home

Hitting the ground running: New homes selling faster.

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New homes this past year have been selling faster than the year before. According to the National Association of Realtors, the average “market life” of a newly listed home is now down to only 69 days compared to 98 last year around this time. One third of the houses entering the market sold in less than a month.

What does that mean for Kendall Partners? Essentially, our homes are selling – and very quickly. One of our homes, which you can read about here and here, was bought, rehabbed, and sold in 57 days. It was only on the market for a week or so. With the housing market starting to rise, those home buyers that have been putting off buying a home are realizing the advantage of purchasing NOW to take advantage of the market in its current state.

Just because we are selling more homes doesn’t mean we don’t have any that are still for sale. Check out our For Sale page or our Coming Soon page. Like us on Facebook and Twitter to see new homes come in and find one that will work for you. If you see one you like and want more information, just visit its page on our website, and click the “Request More Info” button at the bottom of the page, or call us today at (630) 882-3339 to discuss options and features in a home for you.

New Company Record for Home Sales in June 2012

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june blog-03-01-01

New Company Record for Home Sales in June 2012.

This June at Kendall Partners Ltd was a record-breaking month in home sales. We sold 9 homes last month-all acquired, remodeled, and sold within 2012! One home was turned over in just 57 days!

What does that mean for us?

Our continuing effort is to provide not only the best service but also the best looking and desirable homes for the price in our area. This puts us on an increasingly upward streak and provides momentum for future business and progress toward economic normalcy- not only within the team but in our community as well. We don’t want to just sell you a home, we want to help you buy it.  If we have a home you like, but it still needs something like a finished basement, outdoor patio or even handicap accessibility, we can do that for you!  Our in-house construction crew can accommodate most any buyer specific wants or needs.  Let us do the work for you so you can enjoy your new home.

Here are a few of the homes we sold last month and some of their features:

555 Windett Ln, Geneva, IL 60134: Beautiful brick exterior, Great kitchen, Awesome 20’ tall stone fireplace!

844 Parkside Lane, Yorkville, IL 60560: Great location, Beautiful staircase & entryway, Large modern kitchen.

2254 Brookside Ln, Aurora, IL 60502: Great exterior with landscaping, Bright custom kitchen, Split level design.

This is the level of quality we bring into every remodel we do. This work ethic and attention to detail also reflects our relationships with customers. Kendall Partners Ltd. is professional and proven.

These are just a few of the homes we sold last month. To see more like them check out our properties page here:
Or watch this video:

Pinterest/Houzz Why We Use Them.

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You may have noticed lately that Kendall Partners Ltd. has stepped onto the Pinterest scene. This may lead you to ask why a corporate entity would want to manage an online pinboard filled with things ranging from Architecture to Arts & Crafts. To put it simply: Exposure and Community.


Pinterest is a great way to highlight some of the great things that almost every business has to offer. Whether it’s homes for sale, like us, a painter showing off his/her work, or a production company uploading its latest short film. Anything that needs to be shown to the customer can be shown using pinterest. The great part is that it’s not just the few people who follow your profile who have the potential to see your pins, but those who do follow you will broadcast it to all of their followers as well via repinning. If your pin is intriguing enough (and many people repin), it could spread like wildfire throughout the pinterest community.


One of the best parts of pinterest is the fact that, just as the name implies, it’s an online pinboard of people’s interests. Two great things come out of this. First, as previously mentioned, this can get people interested in your product or service and showcases your work! Secondly, this enables your business to see what other businesses are doing on pinterest and be able to jump on their “virtual bandwagon”- providing them with business and exposure, a favor usually paid back equally. It also provides an avenue to let the customer know what your business is interested in. Kendall Partners has its own pinboards for home decor and homes for sale but also a board for things that we like about homes we don’t own. If these ideas are followed and others repin them, you can probably expect some of the aspects of that specific “kitchen” or “bathroom” that we originally repinned to show up in our next home if possible. This creates a cycle of great ideas coming to life in our products.


All these things combine with our website, facebook, and twitter to make it easy for us to communicate to anyone through any avenue possible. At Kendall Partners Ltd. we strive to put our best foot forward, even online. Check us out on Houzz, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook. Like, comment, retweet, and repin away. Contact Kendall Partners TODAY to discuss options in a new home for you at (630) 882-3339 or visit your new home at

How Low Can it Go?

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Mortgage rates today are at historic lows. The lowest since before the 90s. See it here: or:

This combined with low prices means that buying a home, even in this economy, is easier on the wallet than ever. The S&P/Case-Shiller home price index of 20 cities recorded a decline of 3.5% from 12 months earlier. Home prices have not been this low since November 2002. Those markets include Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Las Vegas and New York.

What does this mean for buyers?

Buy now!  Right now you could buy a home that is completely remodeled, with new appliances, and
other great features (maybe even that white picket fence you have always dreamed of?) for the about the same price as the same home with none of those features from 5 years ago. There is no reason to wait for new construction or spend your money on an outdated home (only to have to spend your hard earned savings to fix it when you move in) when the homes you’re looking for are right here and move-in ready at Kendall Partners Ltd. We have over a dozen homes For Sale or Coming Soon that could fit your needs. If you’re a buyer check out our
Buyers Page and join our buyers list so we can update you on all the new properties coming in and being put up for sale.

Contact Kendall Partners TODAY to discuss options in a new home for you at (630) 882-3339 or visit your new home at! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and track all our homes in the Chicagoland area!

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Short Sales on the Rise in 2012?

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Short Sale

Short sales are becoming the preferred method for banks to dispose of properties in default. Homes that were either bank-owned or going through the foreclosure process accounted for 24% of all home sales, up from 20% in the previous quarter- something banks don’t want. When banks own houses, that means they have to take care of them and they don’t want that burden. They want what they are good with: money. As a result, banks, such as Bank of America, have started to accept more requests for short sales, which had double the amount of short sales when compared to 2009. According to RealtyTrac, a company that monitors the national housing market, short sales saw a 33% increase in January 2012 when compared to the previous year.

What does this mean for current sellers?

If you’re trying to sell your home because you are having trouble with your mortgage, it may be beneficial to you to explore a short sale instead of waiting for a foreclosure to take effect. Short sale deals are completed more quickly. During the fourth quarter of 2011, it took an average of 308 days to complete a short sale. Foreclosures, meanwhile, can take years to complete. That’s where Kendall Partners comes in. We can speed up the process even more because we are a CASH BUYER. That means you don’t have to wait for someone to sell your house.  No buyers backing out due to financing issues, and it puts you in more control with the banks if you have someone to buy your home NOW with CASH. The best part is – with Kendall Partners trying a short sale there is NO RISK to you. You always have the final decision if you want to go through with what your bank agrees to.

Contact Kendall Partners TODAY to discuss Short Sale options for you at (630) 882-3339 or visit your new home at!

The Heart of a Home… Or the Stomach?

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The Kitchen is one of the most integral parts of a home, and this seems to be true pretty much anywhere in the world. Kitchens are where we spend a lot of our time, especially with our families. No longer is it only a room for nourishing yourself, but it has become much more: an entertainment space. It’s the showpiece in most homes, something you see everyday, and something your guests will also see. This makes having an up-to-date kitchen essential.

The caveat is that most kitchens cost substantially more than any other room in a home to renovate because it’s more than some fresh paint. People looking to upgrade some features of their kitchens are often bombarded with options for tile, cabinetry, flooring, and countertops, not to mention appliances and hardware. The result is a home with an out-of-date kitchen, or worse: a half finished project- not necessarily move in ready.

The great thing about Kendall Partners’ homes is that our kitchens are always up-to-date. Whether you’re looking for something simple, like new countertops and new appliances, or something spectacular like granite countertops, new stainless appliances, maple cabinets, and a travertine backsplash, we have it all.

After Rehab…

From old to new. We are re-building homes for today’s market.

Check out some of our work here.

Contact Kendall Partners TODAY to discuss options in a new home for you at (630) 882-3339 or visit your new home at! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and track all our homes in the Chicagoland area!

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Real estate’s eternal question: Should I buy or rent?

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Recently the answer has been pretty clear: BUY!

Home prices are way down and rates are at historic lows.  However, many renters are not in a position to buy. Despite the low rates, getting a mortgage is still difficult.  Saving for the down payment can be an uphill battle especially as fuel prices continue to climb and the job market remains shaky.  It takes dedication to save and you must actively manage your credit score to put yourself in a position to take advantage of being a buyer in today’s market.

The good news is that the housing market seems to be stabilizing in most parts of the country.  The total cost of ownership in many cases is below the cost of renting.  Even so, owning a home still needs to be viewed as a long-term investment.  The longer you own the home, the more the numbers make sense to buy and build equity.  Buying in a large market or even a smaller growing market is usually best in the long run due to the availability of jobs.  Other things that must be carefully considered when looking to buy in a specific area are the schools, property tax rates, access to roadways, and the ability of that area to support long term economic development and sustainability.

How does all this translate locally?

The Chicagoland suburbs are one of those growing markets and Kendall Partners has the homes for you to buy NOW!  Don’t wait for new construction or buy a home that is not up to your standards.  Their fully remodeled and move in ready homes make it easy for you in every way. With a wide variety of homes, pricing, and remodeling packages to choose from, even those who are skeptical of buying have great options to get a home they will love!  Contact Kendall Partners today at (630) 882-3339 or visit your new home at