Pinterest/Houzz Why We Use Them.

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You may have noticed lately that Kendall Partners Ltd. has stepped onto the Pinterest scene. This may lead you to ask why a corporate entity would want to manage an online pinboard filled with things ranging from Architecture to Arts & Crafts. To put it simply: Exposure and Community.


Pinterest is a great way to highlight some of the great things that almost every business has to offer. Whether it’s homes for sale, like us, a painter showing off his/her work, or a production company uploading its latest short film. Anything that needs to be shown to the customer can be shown using pinterest. The great part is that it’s not just the few people who follow your profile who have the potential to see your pins, but those who do follow you will broadcast it to all of their followers as well via repinning. If your pin is intriguing enough (and many people repin), it could spread like wildfire throughout the pinterest community.


One of the best parts of pinterest is the fact that, just as the name implies, it’s an online pinboard of people’s interests. Two great things come out of this. First, as previously mentioned, this can get people interested in your product or service and showcases your work! Secondly, this enables your business to see what other businesses are doing on pinterest and be able to jump on their “virtual bandwagon”- providing them with business and exposure, a favor usually paid back equally. It also provides an avenue to let the customer know what your business is interested in. Kendall Partners has its own pinboards for home decor and homes for sale but also a board for things that we like about homes we don’t own. If these ideas are followed and others repin them, you can probably expect some of the aspects of that specific “kitchen” or “bathroom” that we originally repinned to show up in our next home if possible. This creates a cycle of great ideas coming to life in our products.


All these things combine with our website, facebook, and twitter to make it easy for us to communicate to anyone through any avenue possible. At Kendall Partners Ltd. we strive to put our best foot forward, even online. Check us out on Houzz, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook. Like, comment, retweet, and repin away. Contact Kendall Partners TODAY to discuss options in a new home for you at (630) 882-3339 or visit your new home at

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