Real estate’s eternal question: Should I buy or rent?

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Recently the answer has been pretty clear: BUY!

Home prices are way down and rates are at historic lows.  However, many renters are not in a position to buy. Despite the low rates, getting a mortgage is still difficult.  Saving for the down payment can be an uphill battle especially as fuel prices continue to climb and the job market remains shaky.  It takes dedication to save and you must actively manage your credit score to put yourself in a position to take advantage of being a buyer in today’s market.

The good news is that the housing market seems to be stabilizing in most parts of the country.  The total cost of ownership in many cases is below the cost of renting.  Even so, owning a home still needs to be viewed as a long-term investment.  The longer you own the home, the more the numbers make sense to buy and build equity.  Buying in a large market or even a smaller growing market is usually best in the long run due to the availability of jobs.  Other things that must be carefully considered when looking to buy in a specific area are the schools, property tax rates, access to roadways, and the ability of that area to support long term economic development and sustainability.

How does all this translate locally?

The Chicagoland suburbs are one of those growing markets and Kendall Partners has the homes for you to buy NOW!  Don’t wait for new construction or buy a home that is not up to your standards.  Their fully remodeled and move in ready homes make it easy for you in every way. With a wide variety of homes, pricing, and remodeling packages to choose from, even those who are skeptical of buying have great options to get a home they will love!  Contact Kendall Partners today at (630) 882-3339 or visit your new home at

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